In any professional field newcomers are bound to feel a bit apprehensive about finding their place in a strange environment. They must carve their own niche on the market and secure suitable renumeration for their talents. And when the field is as competitive as the one the New Zealand escorts operate in the novices can use every bit of honest advice to get their business up and running. There is without doubt plenty of money to be made in this trade, but the earning potential depends on efforts, good work ethic and observance of time-tested rules. New Auckland escorts may venture into the industry independently or opt for agency work – either way, there are some guidelines that can help them navigate the initial stages and avoid some common obstacles, some apparent, some less visible.

The first port of information is usually the specialised directory containing various links and resources. There are support groups and blogs maintained by present or former workers in the industry. An informal, friendly chat with an older trusted colleague can also be valuable in terms of personal input.

The beginner escorts will have many work-related queries. The information below attempts to summarize the most common of them and aims to provide answers and a bit of practical advice around the first steps in this profession.

Everything begins with an image

Visual presentation plays an important role in any business, but in the NZ escort industry it is simply vita. The image of the escort embodies the very nature of the sex work and is the initial basis of connection with the client. Sexual fantasies are largely image-driven, and the escort pictures are what draws the client’s interest and fires up his imagination. The sheer volume of sexual imagery available online means that a new call girl need to create a unique image tied in to her profile, so it can stand out from other similar descriptions and get noticed. Her pictures need to be specific – on one hand creating fantasy for the customer, and on the other, giving him a hope that his desires may come true.

Therefore, the escort’s photograph (or several photos arranged in a gallery) is a central part of her profile and online presence – and she should decide carefully on how to go about it. The first and foremost rule is never to use somebody else’s photo. The thought might cross the mind of many girls who are at the starting point of their foray into the escort arena. They might struggle with the idea of presenting themselves to the world in an attractive enough way. They might feel intimidated by the abundance of images of young, impossibly sexy women, possibly their rivals in a very competitive field.  They might have privacy concerns, fearing too much personal exposure before they are ready for it. Or they may simply prefer their career choices to remain secret from friends and family. Whatever the reasons, if any new call girl in Auckland is tempted to use photograph that does not belong to her, the advice should be: Don’t! Firstly, if she displays the image without permission, she might find herself in copyright violation. Secondly, she might fall foul of the advertising standards and be held responsible for deceptive and misleading presentation of her services. Thirdly, aside from all the legal and regulatory problems she might or might not encounter, by using someone else’s photos the new escort girl will miss a unique opportunity to establish her own presence, convey her  own appeal, stamp a little corner of the virtual world with her own personality. The image collection is one of the first instruments the new prostitute will decide on as part of her work strategy. Therefore, the best thig she can do is to make this special and reflective of her own ideas and passions, rather than someone else’s.  

The best way to achieve this is to use the services of professional photographer. This could be costly and might seem like unreasonable and extravagant expense to incur even before the actual job has started.  However, the advantages justify the spending - in all probability, a professionally prepared gallery will attract more visitors, create bigger interest, and result in higher number of bookings.

The truth is any escort gets relatively limited opportunity to show her prospective clients a new, fresh, and striking image. The online world is jam-packed with personal services websites and like every new freelancer, a novice escort needs professional help to make her summary stand out. It is easy  to tell if the photos are professionally produced or are an amateur work – the home-created one use the same old, tired poses, the same over-exploited themes, the same cliched backdrops. In contrast, the trained eye of a professional photographer will always notice the girl’s unique qualities and ensure they are captured in striking, memorable photos. These are the images are those that will pique the client’s interest, hold his glance for longer, entice him to click and explore further.

This initial investment will go a long way to help the new sex worker affirm her identity and promote her online presence. When it comes to creating a personal brand, the power of original photography should not be underestimated as images are one the most effective way to make the escort site visitor notice, appreciate, and act.

And, the images a commissioned photographer creates on request remain escort’s possession forever.  They can be used indefinitely. Therefore, this initial outlay might benefit the escort’s career for many years to come and last well beyond its starting point.  Once created, these high-quality pictures become part of the personal image library and can be re-used, re-modeled, and re-created as needed. Thus, the short-term costs translate in long-term career benefits.

Of course, if it is impossible to make this initial investment (and many women start from a very precarious financial point, with very few resources available), then of course the call girl should create her own gallery as best she can, using her aesthetic sense  and focusing on her individual qualities and the image she wants to project.

The question of escort’s picture is also intrinsically related to the issue of privacy. If the call girl feels vulnerable and fears too much exposure, that will inevitably impact on the nature of the photographs she is willing to present in at the start of her career. However, the considerations about using someone else’s pictures still stand – just because the prostitute is reluctant to reveal her face, does not mean she needs to use the image of another girl. There are still imaginative ways to create impactful photos while keeping the identity secret. The call girl can use professional advice about artistic solutions or look up the images on websites such as XPAGE for inspiration. Amongst the most popular methods are blocking the face from view, blurring the facial features, or obscuring them in a way that looks natural, such as with hair strands, hands, part of the clothing etc.

Creating a working identity

Every service-based industry is dependent on attracting and retaining its clients. The escort identity is a major factor in this – the customers are seeking her services because of initial attraction and will book her again if their expectations are fulfilled. However, for a new prostitute growing a client base can be initially hard. A girl who starts her career as a private escort in Auckland need is to create and nurture her individual presence in the industry - in other words, her own brand. This begins with choosing a name under which she will offer escort services. Picking the right name is important as it should reflect somehow the girl’s individual qualities. It could be playful, mischievous, or a classy, grown-up name.  It is best that any escort in New Zealand checks that the name is not already in use locally to avoid duplication and getting mixed up with another call girl. If this happens, it might not just confuse the clients but also put her on a collision course with a colleague – something one should try to avoid at all times, but particularly in the early stages of their career.

The name should be original, readable, easy to pronounce and remember. Once the girl has settled on it, she should stick to it, as it becomes an integral part of her online persona. If the escort advertises her services on different directories, using different names would be a poor practice as it will lead to disconnect and discrepancy between her image and identifying details. To her virtual audience the name is her identity. Workplaces might change, escorts might move from one agency to another, might be  affiliated to several websites and directories, or working independently  – whatever these transitions they may otherwise undergo, their name will provide consistency and make them easily identifiable to the clients in any of setting.

Being readily contactable is essential for NZ escorts, as availability ensures bookings. The call girl needs to decide on the best way to be contacted and on the ways of communication – text message, email, phone call. It is always advisable to maintain a clear separation between work and personal life by using separate communication channels. Apart from having different email accounts – one for personal use, another for use at work, it also means operating two phone numbers. Although it might seem a little difficult at the beginning, it is a necessary separation for the sake of the escort’s personal safety and to ensure protection of her personal sphere from possible interference.  For escort girls who keep their work completely secret, it would be important to take measures against accidental disclosure of their personal detail to their work-related contacts, for example by inadvertently displaying her real name and email address in work-related communication.

Another important call a new prostitute needs to make is to decide how much to charge for  sex services. It is essential that she figures out a price that is just right, does not undervalue her, but at the same time does not discourage the client. There is of course psychological element to it – if the charge is too high, the customer will simply go elsewhere; if the price is too low, he might become suspicious, or regard the girl as cheap and undeserving. A good practice is to check the local rates and charge similarly. Obviously, different bookings attract different prices, and a service requiring a lot of time and or specific sexual service will have different price tag from a short straightforward encounter. Clients almost always will attempt to negotiate cheaper services. The call girl should decide beforehand if she will decline flatly any attempt from the customer to haggle over the price, or leave some room for negotiation, allowing her certain variation of the charge. Generally, once they have established their pricing model, the escorts should try and stick to it, as it will be a fair representation of their time and effort, and skills they use in their work.  

Building and expanding the clientele

Even after becoming established, local NZ escorts need to keep publishing themselves, always maintaining the existing customer base and reaching out to new clients. It is important to build noticeable and solid online presence, via advertising in the most prominent source. When it comes to growing a clientele, the best approach the sex worker can employ is to try and be creative. It is about developing new working relationships while maintaining the existing one. Some Auckland escort directories operate feedback system and call girls can use this to expand their client circle. They should be proactive in asking satisfied clients for reviews and positive feedback – incorporating this to their online profile will make new visitors pause and read, and their summary will get noticed.  

When deciding how and where to advertise a new call girl might be tempted to go for quantity and promote her advert on as many escort directories as possible to achieve maximum coverage. However, it would be wise to research the nature of the site before placing any details onto its pages. Not all websites are created equal. The escort needs a prominent, well-run, well-organised platform with plenty of traffic and proven record as the most popular escort directory in New Zealand.  Even more importantly, it needs operate in open and honest way. If at any time the escort decides to have her profile taken down, the website should assist her promptly with the deletion, without making the procedure protracted or excessively complex.

New girls should research the adverts of their successful colleagues and identify what makes them popular with their clients. Then they can re-evaluate their own online summary in light of what they have learned. Do they have more skills or qualities than those already mentioned?? Can the wording be improved? Does the format need some retouch? Can they add new and interesting facts about themselves? Are the introductory notes and description vivid enough, do they need to be more graphic, or less graphic? Do they need to be re-phrased? Are they conveying the right messages, provoking the right feelings in the website visitors?

The successful escort can relate to her clients’ needs and establish a distinctive rapport with each of them individually. She would be knowledgeable about their key necessities and the challenges they experience in their personal lives.   When promoting her services to them she would try to establish an image of trust and reliability. A personal connection is the basis on which the initial contact can develop into long-lasting liaison. Although the motivation for paying for the escort’s company varies from customer to customers, the underlying feature is a need for communication and understanding. And while few men pursue the excitement of a one-off sexual transaction, many clients would prefer an escort they can meet repeatedly. Like in any other relationships, they want someone they can trust. They enjoy regularity, familiarity, a degree of predictability. Some Wellington escorts are sought out as much for their sexual talents as for their value as companions.  For the escort’s overall career success, the ability to offer friendly and engaging conversation is of equal, if not greater importance than her amazing sexual technique. A connection based on companionship can last longer and provide security and trust for both parties via a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, for the arrangement to work well, the call girl will still need to put certain rules in place. The most important thing is to set clear boundaries and observe them strictly. Although long-term connection between the call girl and some of her clients may develop into close and warm relationship, and even some affection involved, it is essential to remember that by its nature this is a still a contract with monetary value attached. The escort needs to ensure the customer understands and accepts this, and that no elements of the transaction are crossing over into their personal lives. While the prostitute should be responsive to client’s need to share occasionally some personal experiences with her, the opposite should always be avoided. The sex worker should always remain professional and keep her personal information classified. As far as she is concerned, regardless of how intimate it may feel, the connection never leaves the business realm.

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