Every ambitious person approaches their chosen job with a strong desire to succeed. The more competitive the field, the bigger the awards is what many believe at the starting point of their careers, and the escort work is no exception. As a rule, it attracts daring and confident women who are prepared to strive so they can prosper. If you are just starting in this field, you would be aware of the initial difficulties associated with establishing yourself as a successful professional escort in New Zealand. Without a doubt, this is a job with a huge earning potential. The flip side however is that the work can often become all-consuming. You can easily get caught in the pattern of too much efforts, stress, exhaustion. Fortunately, you can take some simple measures to prevent you from slipping into the dangerous zone of professional burnout. Apply them and you will enjoy a well-balanced life and job satisfaction that does not come at the expense of your personal life.

Take time off work

The first rule of achieving healthy work-life ratio sounds self-explanatory, but in practice like so many other Auckland escorts you might often feel reluctant to take a break from your commitments. As a result, you can become weary and stressed-out – exactly the qualities most of your clients are trying to avoid when they seek your company as a respite from the daily grind. Therefore, exercise good professional judgement and give yourself some time off work – a day or two here, a week or two there – to de-stress and recharge. It would be beneficial not only to you but to your business too, as your customers will appreciate the positive change in your looks and mood when you are back refreshed and reenergised.

Back to nature

In your day-to-day working life, you don’t get to go out outdoors much, so it is vital to connect with nature as often as possible. Parks, nature reserves, hills, woodlands – any outing involving time spent in nature will clear your mind, reinvigorate your senses and restore your inner calm. Venture out at any opportunity, for a short walk or a long hike, and you will experience not just nature’s beauty, but its healing powers as well.

Watch out for signs and symptoms

Burnout doesn’t make a royal entrance with fanfare – rather, it creeps on you. Anxiety you feel every day, but ignore as manageable, occasional headaches, vulnerability to colds, poor sleep, or inexplicable negativity plaguing your days are all warnings you should not ignore. Don’t dwell on your symptoms, but treat them as red flag signs and act accordingly – give yourself time out, think, rest, recover.

Make time for the most important person in your life – your good self

The work of the escort girl in Auckland requires by nature plenty of communication and socialising. Sometimes this can be pleasurable; at other times it can feel like an onerous duty. Being in the company of others always involves listening, talking, participating. Counteract the constant demands on you by allocating some time to the most essential human being in your life – you. Pay your undivided attention to our own needs, enjoy the pleasure of your amazing personality you generously share with others, connect with your own thoughts and feelings in spending solitude. Aromatic bath, long sleep in crisp sheets, or a leisurely cup of coffee in the garden - whatever you do, dedicate the time fully to yourself and enjoy the restorative magic of self-care.

Express yourself

Earing living by communicating closely with others can often generate impatience, anxiety, even anger. You suppress these feelings in the usual course of your work, so when you are on your own allow yourself a hearty outlet of emotions to release your frustration. Express your feelings - shout, scream, have a cry. Once the emotions are out, your inner balance will return, and you will be able to relate to your job and the people you meet much better.

Draw a line between your escort work and private life

Being a profession escort girl in New Zealand implies style and behaviour that are often underlined by glamour. While this might seem very attractive to people outside the escort business, constantly projecting the image of a desirable woman can be very exhausting. To cope with this, let your individual qualities shine in your free time. Escape the tyranny of expensive luxury clothes and opt for playful chic attire. Do something that goes totally against the stereotype of an escort girl from Auckland – visit a craft fair, join a book club, plant some vegetables. Seek out pursuits that appeal to the part of you that you keep suppressed at work – the geek, the eco warrior, the artist. Maintain your curiosity and validate and honour every aspect of your amazing self – not just the one that brings the money in. Which takes us to the next rule -

Work is what you do, not who you are

Regardless of how important, lucrative, unusual or mad your job is, once you have finished for the day/night, you revert to your normal, informal state. Don’t let traits from your occupation crossing over to your private life. Don’t dump your work burden home. Put a clear line around your private space and in your personal time look after your own needs. Live the life that is suited to you – not one that it tailored to somebody else’s desires and imagination. Visit new places, chit-chat with people on bus stops, gossip with your family. No one cares where your income comes from. Outside work, you are so many other things – a friend, a good neighbour, a family member, or just a girl enjoying a day in the park.

And finally - Friends and family – where would we be without them

Cherish your supportive network. Make time for people who are closest to you, call on them, share your feelings with them, be responsive to theirs. No matter how busy you get, try and meet them as often as practically possible, for it is those people who love us for who we are that are the best source of inner peace and strength in our lives.

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